<a href="http://subnroll.com/?p=231"><b>PHO (Beef)</b></a><p>Noodle, beef meatballs and sliced rare steak  </p> <a href="http://subnroll.com/?p=226"><b>PHO (Special)</b></a><p>Noodle, beef meatballs, sliced rare and well-done steak, beef tendon, tripe,</p> <a href="http://subnroll.com/?p=39"><b>Vietnamese & American Lunch & Dinner</b></a><p>A wide variety of  mouthwatering lunch & dinner dishes!  </p> <a href="http://subnroll.com/?p=30"><b>Fresh Pastries</b></a><p>We feature fresh daily baked pastries</p> <a href="http://subnroll.com/?p=76"><b>Drinks</b></a><p>The best coffee is right here! And many other drinks…</p>
Business hours

Monday to Saturday
10:00 AM to 9:00 PM